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Total student headcount for fall 2012, including on and off-campus, is 18,847; the full-time equivalent or student FTE is 15,720.04.

85% of the courses offered in fall 2012, with undergraduate enrollments, have less than 30 students.

The total number of employees for fall 2012, including School of Medicine, is 5,156. There are 1,684 graduate assistants and 173 undergraduate assistants.

SIU Carbondale has awarded 284,931 degrees since the first degree was awarded in 1876.

There are 216,542 alumni who are current living, mailable graduates; 103,224 alumni reside in Illinois. The most current three cohorts of alumni surveyed after graduation showed that over 50% think their degree prepared them well for their job.

The operating budget for FY12 is over $605.05 million and includes Carbondale, School of Medicine as well as University-Wide Services.

Total physical facilities of SIU can be described as 8,585.97 acres, 494 buildings, and 8,899,547 building square footage.