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Baccalaureate Follow Up Survey,
Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

Survey Overview

In 1990, the Illinois Board of Higher Education implemented policies relative to undergraduate education and workforce preparation. One of these policies prompted an annual Baccalaureate Follow-up Survey, initiated in 1992. All Illinois public universities must track their alumni one year, five years, and nine years after graduation. By choosing this cycle, the same cohort will be surveyed three times, providing a comprehensive picture of the benefits of a college education.

IBHE, in cooperation with a committee of university representatives, developed a common set of questions for the annual Baccalaureate Follow-up Survey. The survey addresses four major questions:

1. Do graduates find jobs?
2. Do graduates find work in areas related to their major?
3. Do graduates pursue further education?
4. Are graduates satisfied with their undergraduate college experience?

SIUC evolved its survey to provide additional valuable feedback from graduates. Results are analyzed to provide data that might suggest areas for SIUC in which to improve its service to students, e.g. in academic major programs, advisement and other campus services.

The annual Baccalaureate Alumni Survey is accomplished through a cooperative relationship with the Chancellor’s Office, Alumni Services, Institutional Research and Studies, Printing/Duplicating, the Illinois Board of Higher Education and Instrument Evaluation within Morris Library.

Class of 2000 gives high marks to alma mater

Various Survey Responses of 2000, 2006, and 2009 Graduates

Executive Summary of 2009 Graduates One Year after Graduation

Executive Summary of 2006 Graduates Five Years after Graduation

Executive Summary of 2000 Graduates Nine Years after Graduation